Hey there!

Thanks for checking out the FEED A DJ Fundraiser. Chase Rhoads, a local DJ and Summer from Creation Station Designs custom apparel, teamed  up to create this fundraiser and provide you with a way to help support your local DJs.

DJs, as well as many other entrepreneurs, have been severely impacted by Covid-19.

They are struggling to make it through this pandemic, and they very much want to be out there mixing music and bringing you joy at each and every one of their gigs and making money.

Now is the time to help #feedadj, you can show your support to our local DJs, and have a shirt to show your grandkids while telling them of this craziness we all endured. 

This is a way to help out and give back to your local STL Metro-east    DJs for all the joy they bring you at so many events and nights out. 

These front and back premium Bella+Canvas t-shirts are a standard fundraising amount of just $20 each for sizes XS - XL, and available for just a little more in 2x-5x, so buy one for yourself and a friend!. 

All profits will go directly to local Djs to help them get through this time.

Thank you,

Chase Rhoads, Fundraiser Coordinator

Summer Jackson, Owner Creation Station Designs