Creation Station Designs, LLC was born from an idea by these two driven women in 2017. This idea soon became a reality! Each item is handmade with love from our work spaces in our homes. Our inspiring collections quickly became a hit. We strive for excellence in customer service, and have been blessed to see our little idea head toward success!

Fast forward to 2022 - WOW a lot has happened in our lives, the world and the business. Jill took an opportunity she couldn't pass up, I wasn't ready to stop so I kept going. I Took on a couple international students one year which means I had four high schoolers at once, then Covid happened, I got both my kids graduated from high school, experienced empty nesting, oh and I opened a store. Yep! I opened a vendor store that holds four main/permanent small retail businesses (Creation Station Designs being one of those) and around 40 additional smaller crafters/makers or boutique vendors.

Crafted in the Loo 

111 N Main St.

Downtown Waterloo, IL

20 minutes from south St. Louis



a pretty amazing team



Owner - Doer of all things

a.k.a. MOM

Owner and one of the founders of Creation Station Designs.

Owner and founder of both Crafted in the Loo Retail store & 

Creating in the Loo DIY/Social Studio 

25 years customer service 

20 years Management (Assistant, Division, Store) 

5 years Area Sales Management

5 years Business Owner

Waterloo resident, moved to the area in the Summer of 2006 from my hometown of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. Just me and my 4 & 5 year old at the time, taking risks and making moves ever since. Daughter graduated from Gibault and us at SIUE, son graduated from Waterloo and entering SWIC trade program. Waterloo became my home. I am thankful for our community.


General Manager

Nicki will bring a smile to your face so fast. Her passion is customer service and  relationships. The retail and crafting world is new to her resume but she is killing it! I think of the word Spunky when I think of Nicki.



 Assistant Manager of many things

Meg also owns My Charming Door. She skipped around in a couple areas of the corporate world but her passion lies in creating. She loves to create the final touches. She is a Columbia resident, wife, mother of two and hardcore cheer mom.


Jill - Co-founder of Creation Station Designs, expert in all, part time everything, full time best friend turned sister. Born and raised locally, currently resides in Columbia with her husband and two of three offspring.

Tina - Part-time day sales. Also Jill's Mom, a.k.a Granny, daytime sales, counselor, advisor, lover of all, and so much more. Retired quite a while ago but can't sit still. She also works for Columbia's elementary after school program.  Tina will be your ride or die and nobody messes with Tina. She is born and raised in the area and is related to a lot of folk around here (that are all amazing) Get you a Tina.



Part-time - She's just the shit 

From St. Louis, resides in Waterloo for 20 years now, wife, mother and badass, Erin's career is with Commerce Bank leading the STL area in  Audit Compliance. There is not another like Erin that I have ever met. She seriously blows me away time and time again. Erin can and will do anything she can or is challenged to in any area of her life, and she will kick ass at it.


Part-time sales, creator and social media. Also Jill's cousin and Tina's niece.

Cassie is a Nurse full-time in St. Louis. She graduated from Columbia, resides in Waterloo. She loves being a part of this madness and we are so glad she does.


-Trent Shelton

“Breakdowns happen right before breakthroughs!”


-Steve Jobs

"The only way to do great work, is to love what you do."

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First I want to thank Jill for taking this leap with me to start this journey. The foundation of this company was built by Jill and I with the support of Jill's family, (ALL of her family), my kids, Charity, all of our friends and the people who have cheered us on from the start, and I am truly blessed to have them. 

There have been a lot of sacrifices, mistakes made, and lessons learned. It's hard work, not like physical labor work, but its always on your mind. The dedication has to be there, you have to take risks, put yourself out there. you have to be a little crazy I think. I just know that no matter how I look at it I wouldn't change a thing with this journey. This all happened on accident, but I have to believe it was meant to be. It's not all pretty or easy at all, but it's perfect for me.  - Summer